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Payment Plan Application Form

Getting Started

To get started, answer the following easy online questionnaire and upload required documents (should take no more than 5 minutes to complete). 


Application Checklist:

  1. One copy of your ID (National ID, Drivers Permit or Passport)
  2. One copy of a recent utility bill (electricity, water, telephone or cable bill, no more than 3 months old)
  3. One copy of a recent pay slip (no more than 3 months old)
  4. One copy of a job letter stating current employment
  5. Contact details of two references from current or previous employers

Personal details





Family Reference


Please upload a copy of your ID
Please upload a copy of a recent utility bill
Please upload a copy of a recent pay slip
Please upload a copy of a job letter

The files must be PNG, JPG or PDF, and less than 1MB

Terms and conditions

I certify that the information herein voluntarily provided is truthful and accurate. I authorize Musician's Paradise Limited, its agents, employees, affiliates and subsidiaries to investigate my creditworthiness, credit history, demographic information and financial responsibilities, to obtain consumer credit reports in relation with the opening, monitoring, renewal and extension of credit, now and in the future. I authorize Musician's Paradise Limited to contact any personal, credit, financial reference or creditors, and any current or previous employer to verify income, liabilities, identity, and other financial information that may affect my(our) credit worthiness. If credit is granted as a result of this application, I (we) agree to make payments promptly in accordance with contract terms.

If you applied by mail, phone or via internet and you are approved, credit account must be activated in person. Please bring the identifying documents used to solicit credit to the nearest store to the home address you supplied on the application, accounts and credit privileges are not be transferable. I authorized Musician's Paradise Limited to send me information in regards my account using text message.